There’s Never Too Much of a Good Thing

This week during a coaching call with a client, we were discussing goals and our motivating Words of the Year.

And she said my word, “MORE,” was ridiculous. 

“How can you want MORE? You already send emails every frickin’ day!”

That made me laugh because it’s totally true. I DO send a lot of emails to my subscriber list, but it’s all part of my master plan.

I did send daily emails in December, and it was my second highest income month of 2023. For most people, it only seems like I send daily emails because they’re signed up for so many of my free email series.

In the 13+ years I’ve been running my own business, I’ve never shied away from sending marketing emails. In fact, I’m convinced my longevity was made possible because of my willingness to reach out to my followers.

My clients often complain about sending emails because they don’t want to “bother” their subscribers. Then they complain later when they’re not making any money.

You may not end up sending daily emails, but here are 4 reasons why you should contact your subscribers more often.

1. They signed up for a reason . . . YOU!

You may have heard of “permission marketing” where someone gives you their name and email address in exchange for something really cool and helpful (that is, your freebie or lead magnet).

Those folks are literally saying they like you and want to hear from you!

So don’t drop them like a hot potato the moment you get their info. You can check out my nurturing Welcome Email Sequence template HERE.

2. You’ll be the first person they think of when they need help.

Someone who signs up for your email list today might not buy from you today, tomorrow, next week, or even for a few months.

Many people like to “try before they buy” by reading your messages for a while until they get a feel for your personality and style.

That’s why it’s crucial to send WEEKLY EMAILS at a minimum. You want to be the first person they think of when they need coaching, graphic design, a meal plan, novelty hats with little propellers, or whatever it is you sell.

This is also why I tell my clients to put their photos in their email banners so their subscribers get used to seeing their smiling faces every week, just like a reliable old friend.

3. You’ll nurture your Super Fans.

Yes, some people may unsubscribe when you start sending more emails. That’s OK!

Let them go with love. They weren’t going to buy from you at this time. It’s not personal when you unsubscribe from someone else’s emails, so don’t worry about it.

But sending near-daily emails has done something magical to my list. The people who stay subscribed are what I call my “Super Fans” because they love the information, products, and services I provide. They eat it up!

My list has naturally refined itself to just the most dedicated Life Editors. You want your followers to feel seen and understood, and they’ll reach out to you more.

That’s why I often give free products to my email subscribers who hit reply to ask a question or start a conversation with me (hint hint). It’s all about being a REAL PERSON, not a faceless corporation.

4. You’ll get paid. Isn’t that what you want? 

I can’t believe I still have to keep repeating this, but here we go again:

If you’re not earning money, then you don’t have a business. It’s just an expensive hobby.

I love you Life Editors very much, but I’m not doing this for funsies. 

I send marketing emails to my list so that I can pay rent, eat food, and continue to buy an insane amount of books that I never end up reading.

You must email your list consistently and regularly so that you can continue to run your business, support yourself and your loved ones, and help people better their lives with the solutions you provide.

You’re not “bothering” anyone. You’re being of services to the folks who need you.

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