The No-Niche Bitch: Break the Rules for Your Biz | New Training!

We have so much to celebrate, Life Editor! 

We recently got more than 400 members in my client-only Facebook Group, the Life Editor Awesome Party (LEAP!). As I’m typing this, we’re almost at 475 members. Woo hoo!

Purchase anything on my Everything Page to get an invitation to the group.

So, we’re acknowledging this milestone by having a new live stream training. I did a poll to figure out which topic I should cover, and this one came out on top:

The No-Niche Bitch: Break the Rules for Business Success


The No-Niche Bitch: Break the Rules for Business Success is an interactive live stream call to learn why not having a niche for my business gives me the freedom to express my creativity, reach more people, and earn more money.

FYI, this one will stream on my Facebook page since Facebook no longer allows third-party apps to post to groups.

Date: Monday, July 8, 2024
Time: 9:00 am Pacific time (Los Angeles)
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Location: Streaming on my Facebook Page

Can’t make it to the recording? Please hit reply and tell me your questions, and I’ll answer them during the event.

In This FREE Live Stream Training, You’ll Learn

  • Why the “old school” advice about niching down doesn’t represent how humans actually work.
  • How to explore all your different interests without alienating your audience or losing sales.
  • Why not niching helps you attract a more diverse following and avoid over-saturated niche markets.
  • How to stop obsessing about your “competition” and start focusing on the wonderful things that make you a unique, talented entrepreneur.
  • Easy ways to ditch your niche to scale your business, embrace innovation, and create a strong brand you’ll love for years to come.

Ready to ditch the niche?

Click here to watch The No-Niche Bitch when the live stream starts tomorrow.

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