The Sweet Life: Interview With Jennifer Kennedy From Teach Good Stuff (and Freebie!)

This is a post in The Sweet Life interview series where I interview an inspirational woman who has made her life sweet. Please say hello to Jennifer Kennedy!

Welcome! Please introduce yourself and your business.

Yay! So glad to be here. My name is Jennifer Kennedy, and I blog over at Teach Good Stuff where I love helping women who are looking to share their passion online. I show them how to design well-crafted online courses that encourage learning and growth.

How do you help women make their lives sweet?

Many women who head to my site want to create an online course, but are super overwhelmed with the entire process. They are unsure where to start or how to organize their ideas.

So, it’s my mission to help break the process down into easy to follow actionable steps as well as to provide total support!

I LOVE teaching and really want to share that with my readers. So, I help make their lives sweet by offering easy to use worksheets, fun blog posts, and dashes of motivation along the way. I want to show women that designing and delivering a course can and should be a rewardingly fun experience!

What led you to start your business?

A few years ago, I had a small desire to start an online business, so I tried everything from public speaking to video editing to personal organization to personal finance. Seriously, I was the Jackie Of All Trades! However, none of them really spoke to me.

Then I got the crazy idea to base my business around what I love: teaching. It took me a while to embrace that because I had never dreamed of becoming a teacher or being in education. In fact, I dreamed of traveling the world as a diplomat. Well, as fate had it, I ended up becoming an elementary teacher for eight years.

Currently, I am a trainer for a software company. Shortly after starting at this company, I realized that this job was very unfulfilling and I had almost zero growth opportunities. So, with that in mind and with my passion for education, I decided to start building a business doing what I love!

What does an average day look like for you?

I still work full-time as I build my business on the side. On top of that, I have an hour commute! This forces me to be very creative with my time! Usually, I wake up at 5:00 am (it’s not fun, but I have to do it!) to go for a walk and plan my day.

An hour before I head into work, I work on building my business at a coffee shop. I also do research and write blog posts during my lunch break. When I get home, I exercise, cook dinner, and get cozy in my pajamas. Honestly, my days are pretty routine. But, I’m okay with that now because it’s providing the structure and focus I need to create my business.

What makes your life sweet?

Ever since I had this crazy idea in my head that I wanted to start an online business, I had been focusing on doing everything I could to build it up. This meant waking up early, going to bed late, saying no to friends, and working in front of a computer non-stop.

As you can imagine, I quickly burnt out!

Now, I make time for myself and my boyfriend by taking weekend trips, exercising, reading books, and drinking red wine! We’ve also created a Bucket List of everything we would like to do in Southern California. We’re slowly checking things off!

I have realized that while I work to build a business, I also need to enjoy the present moment. Savoring those times makes my life sweet!

Do you have anything to share with my readers?

As a matter of fact, I do! I hope your readers enjoy this workbook I put together for them. It’s jam packed with worksheets designed to help you organize an impactful course without all of the headache.

Click here to get your free copy of the Course Design Workbook.

Where can we find you?

Please come say hello! I would love to connect with you:

  • Teach Good Stuff website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Thank you so much for sharing what makes your life sweet, Jennifer!


  1. Karen Doniere on March 5, 2014 at 10:13 am

    Hi Sage. This interview with Jennifer is simply amazing! I learned something because I thought she was training full-time. She’s a great resource and super inspiring. Kudos!

    • Jennifer Kennedy on March 5, 2014 at 10:30 am

      Hey Karen!!! Thanks for stopping by and reading the interview. Yup, at this point I still work full-time as a software trainer, but I’m making small strides to eventually start my own business. It’s very exciting.
      I appreciate your kind words and being such an awesome part of Teach Good Stuff!

  2. Jennifer Kennedy on March 5, 2014 at 7:18 am

    Thank you, Sage, for allowing me to be an interviewee on your blog. I am deeply honored and really enjoyed answering all of your questions. I hope everyone enjoys it!

    • Sage Grayson on March 5, 2014 at 4:33 pm

      You’re so welcome, Jennifer! And thanks for sharing your Course Design Workbook with us. 🙂