Remember: You’re Not For Everyone | 3-Month Challenge

I recently saw a thread in a business Facebook group I’m in where the members were discussing how often you should participate in bundles and summits.

This immediately piqued my interest because one of my goals for 2024 is to be in 50 bundles or summits, and I’m already confirmed for nearly 40 events.

  • “I only do one bundle per quarter,” said one member.
  • “I’m very selective, and I only do 2 per year,” said another.
  • “I don’t see the point in doing more than one or two a year.”

The consensus was that participating in too many collaborations “dilutes” your brand, and you’ll end up “bothering” your subscribers with all the bundle promotions. It was all very snooty.

I laughed to myself and moved on from the thread. They obviously aren’t my people.

My business has grown tremendously in the past 3-4 months because I’ve been actively applying for bundles and summits. This was after years of secluding myself away from the coaching community because of some horrible encounters with business bullies.

Life Editors LOVE a good freebie, and I get more sales from upsells and tripwires on free offers than I do regular sales.

In fact, much of the growth I’ve experienced in my life and business has come from times when I’ve chosen a goal and then spent the next 3 months actively pursuing that goal.

No wimpy effort. Just 90 days of pure determination. 

I’ve often shared the story of how I spent 3 months leaving 80+ helpful comments per day on blogs in order to grow my email subscriber list into the thousands in my first year of business.

A funny thing happens after you spend several months acting like a professional for whatever goal you’re working towards . . .

You don’t have to try so hard.

After 3 months of commenting like a mad woman, my website continued to have a steady stream of traffic without commenting.

After 3 months of applying to bundles and summits, I now have businesses reaching out to me to be a speaker or submit a product for their events.

After 3 months of challenging myself to reach out to the coaching community that had hurt me in the past, I’m making new friends and feeling like I have a peer group again.

So, let me remind you that YOU ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE! 

Do you have a plan that you think could dramatically improve your life or business?

You have permission to run with it even if the “experts” think it’s a terrible idea.

Some of my most successful clients do the exact opposite of what I recommend, but they DO IT with all their heart. 

What would change if you spent 3 months:

  • Creating a digital course that could dramatically change people’s lives?
  • Publishing one video per week (or more!) on your YouTube channel?
  • Improving your health by eating better and exercising?
  • Getting out of your house every week to make friends at Meetup groups?
  • Writing for an hour every day?
  • Reading uplifting self-development books every day?

Need ideas? Check out the Edit My Life Planner to create your own 12 week plan.

The way I see it, if you want to achieve results that no one else around you has accomplished, then you must be willing to do the things no one else is doing.

Don’t water down your message by following the crowd. The world deserves to see you do big things in your own unique way. Your followers don’t want to watch you play it safe.

You never know who’s watching you and wishing they had the confidence to follow their own path. Be the guiding light! 

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