New Workshop! Daily Sales on Autopilot: The Lazy Guide to Passive Income

I was recently on a call with one of my clients, and we were talking about rebranding her business and why it’s OK to lean into a new direction.

My business has changed focus at least 3 times in the past 15 years!

I have worn many hats including:

  • The Sweet and Sage Coach
  • The Life Editor (still my fave)
  • The Productivity Queen
  • The Bundle B*tch
  • and more recently . . . The Daily Sales Superstar!

The newest shift happened in the past 9 months or so as I edited my automations and funnels to boost my passive income to get consistent daily sales. In fact, I’m on track to earn 6 figures this year from my passive income sales alone (not counting private coaching clients).

Today, I’m delighted to release an ALL-NEW FREE WORKSHOP to help you get the sales rolling in for your biz too.

Daily Sales on Autopilot: The Lazy Guide to Passive Income has simple, actionable strategies you can implement today to automate everything in your business and sell more digital products.

Daily Sales on Autopilot: The Lazy Guide to Passive Income


In This FREE Workshop, You’ll Learn

  • Why you must get daily sales for your business if you want to help your customers, prove the naysayers wrong, and build your confidence as a leader.
  • How I get brand new freebie subscribers to make a purchase in under 15 minutes. It’s not magic—it’s great marketing!
  • My no-nonsense pricing strategy that honors your clients and your effort. No more confusion or resentment.
  • Simple ways to repurpose your previously released content so it nurtures your subscribers and encourages them to buy your products.

Ready to polish up your biz and get more sales?

Click here to watch Daily Sales on Autopilot.

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