Life Editor’s Picks: Just In Case

I’m a bit of an “over-preparer,” and I like to have extra items and duplicates . . . you know, just in case.

Who knows when you’ll need more toothpaste or batteries or underwear? Better play it safe and stock up so you’re never left in an uncomfortable situation.

But all that preparedness requires a keen organizational mind to store everything without your home looking like it belongs on the TV show Hoarders.

My favorite way to give everything a proper “home” is with pretty cases, bins, and baskets. Do you have a junk drawer or stuffed purse that could use a cleanup?

Here are my top picks to help you keep it together . . . just in case!

1. Lemon Cosmetic Bag. When life hands you lemons . . . carry them in this organizer.

2. Vera Bradley Travel Pill Case. So many pretty colors, but I’m partial to this purple and pink pattern.

3. Pink MakeUp Case Organizer. Perfect for when you just want a minimalistic, clean case to compliment your simple life.

4. Cactus Travel Makeup Train Case. This cute cactus pattern is made for ladies who can be sweet and a little prickly.

5. White and Gold Vegan Leather Travel Bag. A chic way to organize your makeup brushes, pens, or small items.

6. Mermaid Train Case. An organizer for your whozits and whatzits.

7. Pineapple Pill Box. A sweet treat to toss in your purse.

8. Caboodles Galaxy Glam Makeup Organizer. This takes me right back to my awkward middle school days!

9. 7-Day Pill Organizer. An adorable way to keep your medicine tidy.

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This post focuses on Step 3 of the Life Editing Process, Add Good Habits and Routines. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.

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