Imma Let You Finish

Me and Kanye West have something in common. And I mean besides our vast fortunes and legions of fans.

We’re both interrupters.

I try to be polite when I have conversations with people, but there’s always a little voice inside of me that is aching to blurt out something. It’s so bad that I actually have had to bite my tongue to stop from interjecting with some random thought. It even happens when I’m on the phone.

If you looked deep into my eyes when I’m supposed to be listening to someone, you’d probably see the little gears turning in my mind. While you’re telling me a funny story about your dog or analyzing the latest Britney Spears album, I’m busy planning the next thing I want to say. I may be nodding and smiling, but I’m not really there.

And it’s SO rude of me! I should be paying attention to you! I’ve tried to figure out why I have such a severe case of interruptitis (it’s real—look it up). Maybe it’s because I think I’m more important and my thoughts have more value? Maybe it’s because I was on my high school’s speech team and I’m trained to debate? Maybe it’s because I’ve had to defend my beliefs my whole life so I’m always on the defensive?

I’m sure this revelation is just shocking to you readers. Imagine that, a girl named Sage who likes to interrupt with unsolicited advice. (ahem)

Anyhoo, this really has to stop before people start avoiding me and I become some sad, crazy woman ranting on a street corner.

So help me out—how can I stop interrupting people? How can I pay more attention in a conversation?

Do any of you have interruptitis?