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Big Girls Don’t Cry…At Work

I’m the type of person who cries during corny TV commercials. And music videos… And at weddings… And watching Disney movies… It’s kind of embarrassing when I collapse into a blubbering mess of emotions, but sometimes it’s hard to stop myself. But no matter how emotional I may feel, there’s one place I will never,…

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Being Mindful of Other Cultures

Sometimes I forget that the world doesn’t revolve around me. On Sunday, Chris and I were leaving our apartment to go out for lunch when we noticed police officers blocking off a lot of local streets with metal barriers. The sidewalks were crowded with people carrying folding chairs and coolers. What was going on? Slowly,…

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Imma Let You Finish

Me and Kanye West have something in common. And I mean besides our vast fortunes and legions of fans. We’re both interrupters. I try to be polite when I have conversations with people, but there’s always a little voice inside of me that is aching to blurt out something. It’s so bad that I actually…

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