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DIY Weekly Weight Tracker

Like many of you, I made a new year’s resolution to lose weight and get healthy. In addition to going to the gym and planning my meals, I’m measuring my progress using a homemade Weekly Weight Tracker. I saw a project on Pinterest where someone made a weekly gratitude journal out of a deck of…

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Link Roundup: Best of Sage Grayson Coaching 2012

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so grateful for the support, encouragement, and love I’ve received over the past year from you, my kick-ass followers! It’s because of you that I was able to blast through my old limitations and start my own life coaching business, Sage Grayson Coaching. Some of you have…

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DIY Aspiration Journal

This week I made a bunch of mini aspiration journals. Ta-da! So, what’s an aspiration journal? Most journals or diaries are places for you to list the mundane things that happened during your day. “Made a sandwich for lunch. It was good.” Kind of boring, right? As an alternative, try keeping an aspiration journal where…

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Add Some Play to Your Day!

Today I’m linking up with my friend Andrea at DreAm heART sMart ArT for her blog challenge. The prompt is “playfulness.” I don’t want to alarm you, but you seem to have lost something. No, not your keys. They’re next to your purse. And not your mind either, although some days it might feel that…

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Link Roundup: Life Is Messy

Skyla has been getting baths more frequently than usual…like 3 baths in the past week. Why’s that? She’s discovered her new favorite activity: playing in the mud. She’ll run through the mud playing fetch with Chris, and she’ll dig in the wet sandbox at the park with me. Our beige carpet has become quite speckled…

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Your Life is an Experiment

Put on your lab coats and dust off the microscope! It’s time to do a little experimenting, but this time we’ll be manipulating our own life experiences. Watch this video to find out why it’s dangerous to live your life like a worried lab rat and what you can do to experiment with your own…

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Link Roundup: Magical Little Weekend

By the time you read this, I’ll be sailing the high seas with a bunch of scurvy-ridden pirates. Or spending the night in a haunted mansion with 99 grim grinning ghosts. Or taking a small cruise to all the world’s continents while singing a very annoying song. No, I haven’t lost my mind! I’m in…

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