How to Stop Waiting and START DOING

I’m a huge fan of the animated show The Simpsons.

If you hang around me long enough, you’ll hear me insert random catchphrases from the show into my daily conversations.

In one classic episode, the bumbling dad of the family, Homer, starts a snow plowing business. “Call Mr. Plow. That’s my name. That name again is Mr. Plow.”

He even convinces the whole family to appear in a low-budget commercial that only plays on a local channel in the middle of the night.

After dragging his wife and kids out of bed to watch the commercial, Homer sits back on the couch contentedly and says, “And now we play the waiting game.”

A few long, awkward moments pass without anyone calling to hire Mr. Plow.

Finally, Homer says, “The waiting game sucks! Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos!” 

I repeat that quote at least once a week. But Homer’s got the right idea!

The waiting game DOES suck, every one of us plays it.

  • We wait until we lose a few pounds before we join the gym.
  • We wait until our kids are grown before following our passions.
  • We wait until we have more money to start a business . . . to make more money.

That last one pops up often for my clients. They say they can’t join my new program until they have more moolah in their bank accounts.

So they wait . . . and wait . . . and wait . . . 

Until they come back after months or years ready to get started, but they still haven’t made any progress on their businesses.

Sometimes you gotta spend a little money now so you can make better choices in the future such as quitting your 9-to-5 job, boosting your savings, or earning a full-time income to support yourself and your loved ones.

What are you waiting for?

Instead of scrolling through social media, watching reruns, or playing Hungry Hungry Hippos, you can take the first steps TODAY to get closer to your goals.

Stop waiting for what you really want. Click here to get started.

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