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Dream Big and Make Small Changes

October 21, 2012

Today I’m linking up with my friend Andrea at DreAm heART sMart ArT for her blog challenge. The prompt is “DREAMS”. I’m all about dreaming big: lavish vacations, gorgeous clothes, the perfect job, a healthy and strong body… That’s what life’s about, right? We should always be dreaming about living a better life, enjoying time…

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Link Roundup: Closet Cleanup and the Puppy Who Loved Pumpkins

October 20, 2012

I’ve been in a cleaning mood around here. Not just the usual vacuuming and laundry, but also cleaning out unneeded stuff. I went through all my clothes and sorted them into categories: (1) too big, (2) too small, (3) just right, and (4) donate. Normally, I’d just donate all the too big and too small…

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7 Simple Tips for Cultivating an Abundant Mindset (Video)

October 18, 2012

There are 2 ways to think about your life: (1) the world has enough love, happiness, and resources for everyone or (2) there’s not enough to go around. An abundant mindset is essential for attracting more prosperity to you. When you think abundantly, amazing things start to happen! Watch this video for 7 simple tips…

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The Perfect Question to Guide You Through Life

October 15, 2012

As Skyla and I reached the end of the walking trail, I heard it. Jeering and taunting. It sounded like teenage boys. We came up to the blue house on the corner, and I could see I was right. Two teenage boys were standing in the front lawn. An older, heavyset boy was picking up…

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Link Roundup: Halloween Happenings

October 13, 2012

Hey there! I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. I’m enjoying the changing leaves and Halloween decorations. Chris and I just set up our Halloween tree. It’s like a Christmas tree, but it’s black and has Halloween ornaments like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and The Nightmare Before Christmas characters. Halloween is my second…

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