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Oooohh, We’re Halfway There! Save 60% Off Edited Year Planners

Psst! The Edited Year Planners are on sale for a limited time. Click here for all the details and get your bundle today. I’ve always been a bit of a nerd. Back in my college days, I avoided common rites of passage such as blowing off classes, getting drunk, and sleeping around. Instead I spent…

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Book Review: Listful Thinking

A simple list can tell you what you need to do next, the ingredients for a recipe, or your plans for world domination. There are no limits to list making, and the act of putting pen to paper can have a profound impact on your goals. You’re more likely to remember what you write down…

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job and Other Mistakes I Made

OK, I’ll admit it. I’ve made dozens (maybe hundreds!) of mistakes with my business. I never went to business school, and much of the expertise I have now was learned through trial and error over many years. Yes, I made tons of gains, but I stumbled just as often. Now that I’m 6 years into…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Life Editor Academy

If you’re still reading these blog posts about Life Editor Academy, then you’re probably feeling like your life could use a little rewriting. OK, maybe a lot of rewriting. You’re thinking that you’re meant for bigger and better things but this “rough draft” version of you just isn’t cutting it. What could your next chapter…

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Want to Chat About Life Editor Academy?

Do you have a nagging question inside you? Is there something that’s pulling you in one direction, but your concerns and fears are pulling you in the opposite direction? This confusion is totally normal, and it’s something most of us face when we’re about to make a life-altering decision. Every time I launch my Life…

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I’m Spilling Our Secrets! [NEW WEBINAR]

The strangest email I’ve ever received was from a woman who was adamant that I stop publishing my life editing videos immediately!!! Whoa! Had I offended her? Did she think my advice on self-development and productivity was terrible? Nope. In fact, she thought my advice was a little too good. She went on to say…

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Ask Me Anything! Master To-Do List Versus Daily To-Do List

I’m a to-do list kind of gal, and I can’t get anything done unless I have a detailed plan of attack in front of me. But I’ve noticed the disturbing trend of people working from their master to-do lists, not their daily to-do lists. That’s a recipe for disaster! So what’s the difference between a…

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