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New Clubhouse Class: Choose the Right Goals for You

Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to reach your goals? Maybe you start off with a bang but lose your energy after a few days. Or maybe you can’t seem to make your new habits fit into your lifestyle. What’s going on??? Here’s the truth: there’s nothing wrong with wanting to edit yourself,…

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Enrollment Ends Tonight — No Exceptions!

Enrollment for Life Editor Academy is in full swing, and I’ve already met so many fabulous ladies who signed up and are excited to get started in our private community! (Pssst . . . join us!) If you’re on the fence because you’re worried about the potential roadblocks you might hit while editing your life, I don’t blame you!…

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Editor’s Notebook 153

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy! PS, Registration is now open for Life Editor Academy! Click here for all the details and join us today. What I’m Loving This Week The little risks you can take to…

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If She Did It, So Can You!

It’s always interesting to hear what people really say about you when they think you’re not listening. Do they find your laugh annoying? Do they secretly want to steal your boyfriend? Are they thinking up an excuse to not go to your pirate-themed birthday party? But sometimes you hear the good stuff, that you’re actually…

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Life Editor Academy Is Back! Here’s What’s New

Let’s take a moment to ask ourselves, “What if . . . “ What if your life didn’t have to feel like such a disorganized, rough draft? What if you could make positive changes to become the ideal version of yourself . . . Without feeling so overwhelmed and burned out that you just want…

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Ask Me Anything! 5 Steps to Get Back On Track If You’re Falling Behind

Watch out for the summer slump! This month we had another Ask Me Anything call live stream on my Facebook page so I could answer all your questions about how to get back on track if you’re falling behind. Watch the video below and then hop on over to Facebook and tell me how you’re procrastinating and…

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Why I Never Have a Plan B! Ditch Your Safety Net to Reach Your Goals

Tough love time! People are used to my bubbly, sunshiny personality, but every so often I’ll drop the charm and bring on the truth bombs. This is one of those times. (Yes, that was your warning.) I’m so totally OVER IT when it comes to my clients wanting a safety net for their lives. Having…

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