Lessons From Testing My New Daily Sales Audit Call

If I had to choose the piece of advice I share with my clients the most, it would probably be about how small, incremental progress can lead to huge results.

That’s the very definition of life editing!

But my second most-common nugget of wisdom must be giving yourself permission to try things that may or may not work.

Testing and experimenting is the only way you’ll know if you’re on the right path.

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been secretly testing an all-new 60-minute coaching offer called the Daily Sales Audit Call with a small group of Super Fans.

This short but impactful call helps you set up automations, fix your pricing, and clean up the roadblocks that are stopping your customers from buying.

Every business owner deserves the consistency and security of daily sales!

I’m so impressed with how creative my clients become on these calls when they’re prompted to think outside the box for the success of their businesses.

Here are some of the strategies we’ve come up with:

  • Create a 5-day evergreen email sequence on a topic your customers can’t resist, with each email kindly upselling to a paid product. One of my clients has more than a decade of old blog posts to pull from—no need to write new content.
  • Got a brick-and-mortar retail store? Partner up with another local business to give your customers a 20% discount if they bring in a receipt from the other business. One of my clients runs a shop for dog toys and food, so she teamed up with the local pub for a “Barks and Brews” promotion!
  • Take that enormous course that’s not selling and break it down into short-and-sweet mini courses that your customers can nibble on. Each course should be one solution for one problem. Nearly every testing client added this task to their homework.
  • Don’t want to teach? Create a digital product that shows the before and after of a customer case study. This passive income product gives your customers the tips they want and encourages them to hire you without you having to teach them how to do what you’re trained to do.
  • Ask your customers to submit photos of themselves using your printables, wearing your jewelry, or implementing the tactics you share. Use these images in a “Customer Gallery” and as testimonials in your emails, social media posts, and products. 
  •  FASTEST MONEY MAKING TIP! Turn on your cart abandonment emails. These auto emails are literally an on-off toggle in my CRM (Kajabi), and I get daily sales from them. This couldn’t be easier!
    Use my link to start your 30-day free trial of Kajabi and get a FREE 90-minute Kajabi Jumpstart Call with me (a $297 value).

Now it’s your turn! Choose one new strategy to implement this week. Will it be a new call, a bite-sized product, a video live stream, automations, or something else?

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