The Question I Get Asked the Most

Being a life coach can get super repetitive sometimes, especially when I’m answering the same questions every day.

Most of my clients have similar concerns so it makes sense that I receive multiple emails and social media messages asking me to give advice about the same problems.

But there’s one question I receive more than any other:

“How do I start a business when I don’t have time?”

I get asked this question at least once a week, and I finally figured out that I could save my time and my followers’ time by creating a course to answer this frustrating question.

Startup In 60 is a time management course for creative entrepreneurs who want to go from idea to fully functioning business in just 60 days, whether they’ve got 60 minutes or 60 seconds per day.

I was reluctant to create a business course because I’m a life coach, not a fancy schmancy business guru!

But my business is incredibly successful for a reason…I learned how to be ultra strategic with my time so that everything gets done. You DO have enough time to start a business, and you’ll need much less time than you think!

If you want to ditch your excuses and make your time work for you (not against you!), then check out today’s video.

Watch this video for my tips on managing your time while you start your business.

Ready to edit your business?

CLICK HERE to join Startup In 60.

The next live session with interactive group calls begins March 20, 2017.