Client Spotlight: Colleen Elizabeth

This is a post in my Client Spotlight series where I highlight women who have gotten super sweet results from my coaching programs. Please say hello to Colleen Elizabeth!

“Working with Sage was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Colleen Elizabeth

Before I Started Life Coaching…

I was lost, so when the opportunity to work with Sage presented itself, I jumped. You see, I had a lot of different ideas that I wanted to work on, ideas that could potentially lead to new and more satisfying career opportunities.

My problem was that I lacked the necessary motivation and confidence needed to dedicate the time and energy to work on them. The reason, I learned, was because I was overwhelmed; I didn’t know where to start. If I couldn’t figure out where to start, how could I succeed?

Now I’m…

Moving full steam ahead with excitement and confidence! Thanks to Sage through her weekly organizational exercises, resources, and support, I was able to calmly look at my ideas in their entirety and work through the pros and cons of each before finally putting together a plan to make them happen. I’m now working on starting my own business and writing my first book!

[Note from Sage: I’ve read part of Colleen’s book, and it’s a powerful story that I believe is going to help a lot of people. Very excited about her progress!]

What I’ve Learned…

I learned that it’s OK to ask for help. People hold different experiences, and we can all learn from each other. The most important thing I learned, though, is to celebrate the small stuff. Eventually, all those small successes will equal complete success!

Working with Sage…

I loved working with Sage! Sage is a fabulous listener who was able to keep me motivated when things got tough and strongly encouraged me to celebrate my successes. I looked forward to my weekly recap and check-in emails as they were always full of positive thoughts and amazing resources.

Thank you for sharing your success story, Colleen!

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  1. Sarah @ This Is What I Eat on July 18, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Congrats on taking some big steps Colleen! I can definitely relate to your pre-Sage story, I feel like I hold myself back a lot and for the same reasons as you. It’s so nice to see you overcome these obstacles! Congrats on starting your book, what a huge accomplishment!