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New! Find Your Answers in the Library

One of my favorite things to do is to curl up on the couch and bury my head in a good book. I bet you love losing yourself in a fabulous story too. I get most of my reading material from the local library because I can’t say no to free resources. It’s also a…

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Meditation Mountain: A Technique for Beginners

Meditation is one of those things we tell ourselves we should be doing…we just never get around to actually doing it. Kinda like flossing or cleaning out the hall closet. There are plenty of thing that can stress you out during your day: traffic, gossipy coworkers, your misbehaving kids, a messy spouse, etc. Thankfully, meditation…

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Planning Your Lunch With Minimal Effort

So, what’s for lunch? Who knows, right? Most of us just kind of “wing it.” I mean, it’s only lunch. The purpose of lunch is to get you from breakfast (if you ate it) to dinner without interrupting your busy day of checking things off your very important to-do list. You think, “Oh, I’ll just…

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Breaking Up With the Couch Playlist

Look, this has been going on for long enough, and it’s time for us to part. I’ll admit that you caught my eye the first time we met, and you really swept me off my feet. You were super supportive, and you made me feel so comfortable in your embrace. But after a while, I…

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I Want to Hold Your Hand

It was a sink-or-swim moment…and I was sinking—fast. How did this happen? Why was there no one to help me? Let me back up a bit. When I was in my mid 20s, I was hired for a job that focused on wellness and making women’s lives better. And as you can tell from my…

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