Be Safe Out There! A Warning About Bundles

We’re currently having an intense discussion in my client-only Facebook group, the Life Editor Awesome Party (LEAP!), about whether it’s usual for bundles and summits to charge an entry fee to participate.

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Here’s the deal: No, it is very unusual to charge an entry fee.

I’ve been in 67+ bundles and summits since January 1, and I did NOT pay to participate in any of them. There are too many free bundles out there to choose from.

Also, my list is very large. If anything, the bundle hosts should be paying me for the use of my list. You Life Editors are super loyal, and you are discerning with your spending.

When I see an entry fee, I think:

  • It’s a scam and they’re going to not deliver and/or run off with everyone’s money.
  • They didn’t budget properly ahead of time to pay for whatever VAs, software, or ads they need.
  • They don’t trust themselves to do the marketing to get enough sales from the bundle or upsells to cover their costs.
  • They don’t trust the participants to promote the bundle.
  • They have tiny or unengaged lists and they think charging a fee will make it look more elite and exclusive.
  • They’re going for massive numbers, not quality, so anyone with the cash can join regardless of whether their offers are any good.

No matter the reason, it’s super weird.

Remember: YOU AND YOUR OFFERS HAVE VALUE without paying your way into a bundle.

So far, my list has grown by 6100+ new subscribers (engaged ones who did not unsubscribe) since January 1 from bundles with no entry fee.


I have no problem with you sponsoring a bundle for added visibility, but there’s no need to pay an entry fee.

I’ve sponsored only a few bundles from hosts who are total professionals with excellent customer service, so I felt safe sponsoring their bundles. Of course, none of these “big shots” charge entry fees.

If you want to sponsor a bundle, choose one with a known business leader and that there’s more than 100 participants so paying to sponsor actually makes you stand out at the top. No need to sponsor a bundle with 30 participants. You’ll still be seen.

What about hosts who don’t let you promote other bundles at the same time?

Eh, I’m still figuring out how I feel about this.

There’s a huge bundle in December (you know the one) that I sponsored last year, and I didn’t mind pausing other promotions because I was getting affiliate commissions so I only wanted to promote that one.

For smaller bundles or for not-instantly-recognizable business leaders, it seems a little strange. Like they’re not confident in themselves, the bundle, or the participants to be available at the same time as another bundle.

We’re not in competition here! There’s enough abundance to go around for everyone.

Those are all the warnings about bundles I have today. Stay tuned for my 100 Bundle Debrief that I’ll release later this year. I’m spillin’ all the dirt and gory details!

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