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Book Review: What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend

**Note: The opinions expressed in this review are my own. I was not compensated for my review, and I do not receive commission on the sale of the ebook.** I was recently given an advance copy of Laura Vanderkam’s newest ebook, What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend. I’m a big fan of…

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DIY Aspiration Journal

This week I made a bunch of mini aspiration journals. Ta-da! So, what’s an aspiration journal? Most journals or diaries are places for you to list the mundane things that happened during your day. “Made a sandwich for lunch. It was good.” Kind of boring, right? As an alternative, try keeping an aspiration journal where…

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Law of Attraction Playlist

Sure, we all understand that our lives are formed by the choices we make. For example, if you keep dating losers then you’ll never be happy, and if you decide to move across the country then your life will be very different than if you stayed safe in your home town. But what if I…

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Crafting Made Easy: Guest Post From Cara at I Dabble

*The following is a guest post from my friend Cara at I Dabble. Her blog is amazing because it’s completely nicheproof–she does it all! Why settle when you can dabble?* I am so thrilled Sage asked me to guest post. She has some of the most realistic advice out there, doesn’t she? My blog, I…

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She Who Tells the Best Stories Wins

A strange thought occurred to me recently. It’s weird but…I think I might have been the most popular girl in school. You’d think I would have known that when I was in school, right? But looking back, I don’t think any of us knew what “popular” really meant when we were growing up. We have…

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What Can You Gain By Giving Up?

I admit it, I’m a quitter. I give up on things all the time. And here’s the best part: it feels soooo good! I want to spread the word that it’s possible to gain so much by giving up. There is a worldwide epidemic of people taking on too much! Too many responsibilities and projects…

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How To Make a Vision Board

Can a magazine collage really help you achieve your wildest dreams? You bet! Today’s video is all about vision boards. A vision board is a large poster covered in pictures of the people, places, things, and experiences that you want. Vision boards help you get really clear about your goals, and clarity is extremely important…

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