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Book Review: Kick Ass With Mel Robbins

Do you ever get that sluggish feeling where you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to make any headway on your goals? Maybe it’s burnout. Maybe it’s boredom. Or maybe you’re letting yourself off the hook and giving yourself permission to be lazy with your life. It happens to me too, and that’s when…

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Ask Me Anything! Sneak Peek at the 2019 Edited Year Planners

The 2019 Edited Year Planners are coming soon! This month we had another Ask Me Anything call live stream on my Facebook page so I could answer all your questions about the planners, what’s new, and how you can use them to edit your life and business. Watch the video below and then hop on…

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How to Find Your Purpose When You’ve Lost Your Direction

My friends like to make fun of me because I have no sense of direction. Seriously, when I get in a car it’s like my spacial reasoning disappears and I have no concept of north, south, east, and west. If it weren’t for GPS, I would have been dead in a ditch on the side…

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How to Stay Motivated When You’re Sick

It’s funny how life’s always ready to knock you down a peg when you get too comfortable. I recently recorded a video about how to get stuff done when you’re sick, and I mentioned that I rarely get sick. Of course, not a week later I was sick for the first time in years. Oh…

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New Clubhouse Class: Embrace Your Version 1.0 Life

You are meant for great things, so why do you often feel stuck in your current circumstances? I mean, you’re never going to be Oprah, right? Maybe you should stop trying? No way! You might not be driving a sports car, earning millions of dollars, or hosting lavish parties in your swanky mansion, or whatever…

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Free Printable Face Your Fear Week Action Plan!

Happy Halloween! This week marks my 5th annual Face Your Fear Week where we confront the things that scare us so we can become fearless Life Editors. Can I tell you a secret? One of my biggest fears is being imperfect. I absolutely hate it when things don’t go according to my painstakingly organized plans.…

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5 Ways to Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Follow

Don’t think you’re a leader? Guess again! When I was in high school, I remember playing this game in drama class where one person would be blindfolded and their partner would take their hand and lead them around the school. The poor victim would be dragged across the football field, up and down stairs, through…

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