I’m Featured on MyPublishingCoach.com!

I’m thrilled to be featured on MyPublishingCoach.com today!

You may not know this, but I was an editor for nearly 10 years before becoming a life coach. But please don’t judge me on my grammar and spelling now. My writing style gets more loosey goosey the longer I’m away from the publishing world. Fo’ realz.

The talented Alane Pearce interviewed me about the top reasons creatives (especially writers) procrastinate and my 5 best tips for eliminating procrastination so you can actually get your work done. Oh, and you can totally tell Alane and I are friends because I’m giggling and smiling through the whole video. I can’t help it!

Of course, I know you never, ever procrastinate, but click the image below to watch the video interview and share it with those poor folks who do procrastinate.