Curious? Here’s Your Sneak Peek of Startup In 60

The live session of Startup In 60 begins with a bang tomorrow with our Kickoff Launch Party Call!

But maybe you’re unsure about purchasing another business program. We’ve all been burned by digital products that say they’re life-changing but are less spectacular once you see the inside.

So if you’re the type who likes to scroll through Amazon reviews, kick car tires, or read a few chapters of a book before pulling out your wallet, then allow me to share some behind-the-scenes goodies.

Watch 3 exclusive videos from Startup In 60 to try before you buy!

FYI, the videos are halfway down the info page.

Day 1: Eliminate Your Excuses

Day 20: Your Active Income

Day 44: Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

These videos should give you a good sneak peek at the program so you can get a taste of what’s included in the daily content.

On JULY 26, 2022, we begin a live session of the program that includes interactive group calls, check-in emails, and extra support from me. 

Click here to join Startup In 60.