Best of Sage Grayson Coaching 2013

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If I could hug you through my laptop monitor, I would. Just imagine me hugging you right now. Mmmm! I want to thank each and every one of you for your support, comments, feedback, emails, and for working with me during 2013. Every December I do a roundup of […]

Link Roundup: October 27, 2013

Where did the month go? The days just flew by at light speed for me for some reason. OK, I do know the reason. I’ve been scheduling Editor Sessions left and right, and I’m meeting some pretty fantastic ladies from all over the world. Seriously, I’ve talked with women from France, Germany, and Finland! Way […]

Link Roundup: August 24, 2013

Chris is in Chicago this weekend with his friends doing his fantasy football draft. So Skyla and I are enjoying some girl time and watching loads of cheesy romantic movies on the couch. If you haven’t heard, I’m having a Last Days of Summer Sale for my most popular life coaching program, Motivation Makeover Month. […]

Link Roundup: August 17, 2013

We did it! Chris, Skyla, and I have moved into our new apartment. I’m loving the bonus counter space (more than doubled!), extra storage, and view of the water. We’re spending our time exploring the new neighborhood, so we went to an outdoor concert last night. A Rolling Stones tribute band performed, and there was […]