3 Things You Don’t Need to Edit in Your Life | 12 Days of Life Editing | Day 9

December 23, 2019

Today’s advice is a little different: I’m sharing the things you DON’T need to edit in your life. There’s this idea that life editing is all about changing every aspect of yourself until you’re completely unrecognizable. That may be true for certain kinds of life coaching, but a big part of life editing is accepting…

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How to Feel More In Control of Your Life—Starting Today! | 12 Days of Life Editing | Day 8

December 22, 2019

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can make anyone feel a little nutty. There are a ton of activities, parties, presents to buy, snow to deal with, and whiny kids. Not to mention the usual work stress and family drama. When your life feels out of control, it’s time to take a step…

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3 Ways to Choose the Perfect Planner for You | 12 Days of Life Editing | Day 7

December 21, 2019

It’s well established that I have a slight obsession with planners. But despite buying at least a half dozen new ones per year, I still use all my planners because I make sure they fit my personality and lifestyle before I whip out my credit card. It’s heartbreaking when you’re using a planner for a…

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How to Get Unstuck in Your Career | 12 Days of Life Editing | Day 6

December 20, 2019

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago meant I experienced my fair share of blizzards. I remember 8-year-old me trudging through the waist-high snow on my way to school. Every few feet I’d get stuck and wonder why I was expending so much effort to get somewhere I didn’t want to go. Maybe you’re feeling…

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3 Ways to Train Yourself to Work Faster | 12 Days of Life Editing | Day 5

December 19, 2019

I don’t know about you, but it seems like the times when I have a hundred projects in front of me and barely enough time to finish them is the exact moment my brain likes to take a vacation. I’ll suddenly remember that I have to fold the laundry, or check something on social media,…

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