An Edited Life: Kendra Kantor, Wellness Mentor and Guide

Kendra Kantor 1

Hey there! If you’re new here, please subscribe to my weekly ezine The Life Editor so you won’t miss any freebies, videos, or updates. Thanks for visiting! An Edited Life is a series where I interview women Life Editors who are living their authentic stories. Please say hello to Kendra Kantor! Welcome! Please introduce yourself […]

Find Your Inner Optimist and Set Her Free

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.” Dalai Lama XIVClick To Tweet When I was in elementary school, I wore the thickest, dorkiest glasses in the world on my chubby little face. I was extremely near-sighted, so the lenses were like glass hockey pucks crammed into huge pink plastic frames (this was the 80s, after […]

Reach Your Goals With a MAP: Master Action Plan!

There’s a curious binder with a rainbow-colored diamond pattern sitting on my desk. I picked it up at the drugstore for a couple bucks last year, but that little binder has been responsible for thousands of dollars of profit in my business and dozens of amazingly ambitious clients. One of my clients sent me a […]

Client Spotlight: Fanny Seto of Living Richly on a Budget

This is a post in my Client Spotlight series where I highlight ambitious women who have edited their lives and businesses with the help of my coaching programs. Please say hello to Fanny Seto! “I reached my income goal 2 weeks after our first session.” Fanny Seto, Living Richly on a Budget Website Facebook Twitter […]