Your Commercial Office Space Needs the All Clear

Your commercial office space is where your business “lives,” where your goals thrive, and where your talents and abilities are showcased for your industry.

The office space must be a safe and productive place for your employees to work in, and good leaders know how to do this. There’s a balance between making an office useful but not as cozy as the employees’ homes.

Here are some tips for boosting your commercial office space that work across different fields and specialties.

Human Health Risk Assessment 

Your employees are the most important resource your business has, and you must look after them. Not just because it’s the law, but because you want to show them that you really do care.

Use a service like Aegis Environmental who have their own scent dog that can find many nasty things lurking in your office building. They can find any sort of contamination, do ecological risk assessments, make sure there are no chemicals leaking, prevent toxic gas and chemical exposures, and create a realistic risk-based cleanup objectives list.

A safe working environment will protect your employees, and also protect you from regulators that inspect the workspace. When you can show that you are taking the health of your employees seriously, then you are less likely to be given harsh penalties.

Proper Desk Space

There is a current trend for office design centers to give employees their own space. This is a favorable perk because gives your employees privacy, autonomy, and helps them take pride in their work.

The employees feel that their workspace isn’t just part of a large floor, where everyone’s desk looks the same, but they have the freedom to express their personalities in their desks and decor. Individual desks work better with more space when employees don’t have to worry about their items overlapping or disturbing their neighbor’s space.

More Parking

Giving your employees more space to park their cars is a nice way to help them feel appreciated and comfortable. Sometimes they may spend 10 minutes just trying to find a spot to park , no matter if your office is located in city, rural, or suburban environments.

That’s added stress and wasted time when they could be working!

Parking spaces give employees a better sense of belonging too because they know only employees are allowed into a certain part of the premises, and it feels good to always have a parking space when they get to work. It’s also going to improve their on-time work record when they’re less likely to be late.

Regular Cleaning

You may not be able to hire a professional office cleaning service, but that’s still no excuse to have a dirty office space.

A cleaning crew (or you!) can clean the office for a half hour each morning. This will keep things clutter free, tidy, and encourage employees to clean up after themselves to keep the office looking nice.

Every employee should keep their desk clean and orderly, and you might add this as part of your employee regulations or put it in the employee contract.

Call Them In

You may simply call in the inspectors by yourself, rather than wait for them to make a random inspection.

Being proactive can be a sign of confidence that your workspace is following all the laws. It will allow you to declare your office as fit to operate.

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