Why would you torture yourself by choosing an overwhelming goal that you "should" force yourself to do because you don't want to seem lazy?

You'd rather bury your head in the sand and block out all the nonsense about self-improvement that seems to be unavoidable this time of year.

I get it! You're not alone in your distain for resolutions.

Many of my clients resist making new year's resolutions because they seem difficult, boring, and not at all fun. They've failed to keep their resolutions every year, so why bother now?

Seems kind of pointless.

As your coach, I'm going to give you a dose of tough love. New year's resolutions aren't the problem--it's the way you're approaching them that's causing you to fail over and over again.

Yes, you CAN keep your new year's resolutions no matter how many times you've given up in the past. The key is to think smaller and be ultra strategic with your limited time.

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Hey there! I'm Sage Grayson.

I'm a former book editor turned life coach and creator of the Life Editing Process.

I help ambitious career women edit their habits, routines, and mindsets to balance their happiness at work and home.

I’m a Life Editor . . . and so are you!

Life editing is a form of life coaching that follows my 5-step Life Editing Process for cleaning up your life, much like how a book editor would edit a manuscript. I was a book editor in the publishing world for 10 years before I became a life coach. It was then that I noticed I was using the same techniques to help my clients improve their lives as I did back when I was an editor. Sometimes our lives can feel like a rough draft. Our days are jumbled, there doesn’t seem to be a flow, and we’re not living the story of our dreams that’s inside of us. That’s where life editing comes in.


Every morning you're tempted to hit the snooze alarm because your body and mind are Just. So. Tired.

  • Perhaps you work at a soul-crushing job that's slowly grinding you into dust.
  • Maybe you're gaining weight at an alarming rate because you barely have time to pee let alone cook a healthy meal.
  • Or sometimes you wanna strangle your friends who seem to be flaunting their family vacations, new shoes, and adorable planner stickers while you struggle to put gas in your car.
  • And when you finally lay your head on the pillow at night, you're tormented by "gremlins" who whisper all your failures in your ear so you can't sleep.

Not a pretty picture. Not a happy story.

But what if . . .

  • You could turn the page on this nasty chapter and start fresh?
  • You could SLOW DOWN . . . BREATHE . . . and focus on just ONE THING AT A TIME?
  • What if you could start 2020 feeling like a fabulously edited version of you?
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Spots are now open for the 12 Week Edit, a brand new coaching package where we choose one goal and design one plan to create one new you.

Let's keep it simple! You pick one big edit: business, health, home, finances, relationships, or choose your own. We work together to design a custom master action plan (MAP) to achieve enormous results in a short time. We have 30-minute strategy calls every week for 12 weeks. 

Sound like a plan? It's gotta be better than sitting on the couch watching your life slip away.


  • 12 weekly coaching calls with Sage Grayson (30 minutes each)
  • 12 week digital planner (100-page PDF)
  • Weekly homework, pep talks, and resources
  • Unlimited email access for extra accountability


  • You choose one specific goal to focus on
  • We design a structured plan to reach that goal with less stress
    and more fun
  • You enjoy your newly edited life


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Why 12 weeks is the perfect timeframe (TESTIMONIALS)

My Whole Life Changed In Only a Month!

After working with Sage for just 4 short weeks, I gave a presentation, launched a program for my business, began exercising daily, and lost 4 pounds!

I was experiencing emotional family stuff, and she was very supportive. Instead of just giving up, I found a better perspective to move forward.

Sage becomes your partner, and you try even harder. She lifts you up. She sees you accomplishing what you want to accomplish. She helps you find the path to reaching your goals.

I highly recommend working with Sage. You will find a better you.

Christine Davis

I Reached My 3-Month Income Goal in Less Than a Month!

Before I started life coaching with Sage, I always wanted to develop a more professional looking website as well as position myself as a business. I also had a hard time being confident and letting people know about my talents.

I have learned to push myself and get out of my own comfort zone and started to get things done. I have also learned that it only takes a minute to do certain things that would make a huge impact on my business.

Life coaching with Sage was a wonderful experience! I liked how she was on top of things, being accountable, and always supportive. Sage had great ideas and insights, and she was always inspiring.

I’m thrilled that I reached my 3-month income goal in less than a month! Sage will take you to your next step in achieving your personal and professional goals.

Vanessa Greenway

I Went From Idea to Paying Client in 2 Months!

Before working with Sage, I didn’t know how to create a photography mentoring business. It was something new, and I was lost about how to make it happen.

I was hopeful but needed help. I learned that I don’t have to create my business all on my own. There is help when you need it. Sage showed up just when I needed her. She was there when the idea was born and held my hand to get me started.

Sage kept me focused on the business I was creating. I went from idea to my first paying client in 2 months!

My creativity comes out better when I’m having fun, and Sage is fun! But she’s also focused so that I make continuous progress toward my goals.

Erika Swafford, ErikaSwafford.com

I Reached My Income Goal 2 Weeks After Our First Session!

Before I started life coaching, I didn’t know where I was headed or how to get to the next level. After 5 years, my blog was stuck at a certain level, and I wasn’t happy with where I was at.

I had a ton of ideas but would never know what to do first. And I always knew I needed some guidance because a lot of successful people have mentors or someone to guide them. Since I’ve been working with Sage, I have a laser focus on what to do next. She helps me figure out and prioritize the next steps, which is really helpful.

I created free printables with an email opt-in and redesigned my blog. It has already increased my email subscribers by 324 in only 3 weeks. Before that, my list wasn’t growing. And my Facebook followers have steadily increased since working with Sage.

I also reached my income goal 2 weeks after our first session. I’m quickly checking off things from my list of goals. I even created a product from scratch in only 3 weeks! I learned that big things get done when you break it down into smaller steps. I’m more motivated to get things done when I have to check in with someone too.

Fanny Seto, Living Richly on a Budget