Tiny Tip Thursday: Don’t be a Happiness Hoarder

You might think that saving your nice things for a special occasion will make you happier, but you won’t feel happy if you never use what you’ve got.

Today’s tiny tip will show you how to stop being a happiness hoarder and start enjoying the good things in life.

Watch the video below for your tiny tip.


Click to tweet: There’s no occasion more special than the present moment. Right now. via @SageGrayson1

What happy things are you hoarding?

In the comments below, share how you’ll spend out or use up something this week.

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  1. says

    Yes, you are so right!! There are definitely things that I had in my past that I would save up for a “special occasion” and would never use! For me a big thing would be recipes! I’d find recipes that I want to try but figured I would wait for a special meal to try them. And I still haven’t tried most of them! I am definitely going to try a new recipe this week! I also find that something I spend a little more money on (a nice article of clothing for example) will end up sitting in the closet waiting for a special occasion that never comes. It’s such a waste!

  2. says

    I used to be a happiness hoarder with several things but no longer! Even things like underwear I wouldn’t use, saving it for that special occasion that never came along. It feels great to use things I have without waiting and you’re so right, it makes you happier!

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