REVEALED! 5 Secrets of an Edited Life

Today I hosted my first public webinar, “5 Secrets of an Edited Life.” It was AMAZING! I had a total blast, and it was wonderful to connect with so many new and familiar life editors in the audience. Did you miss the webinar? Watch the complete replay below and learn the secrets of living an […]

Save Time With an Edited Schedule

Editors are great at picking out the things that disrupt the flow of a story. But what things are messing up your life’s story? Sometimes it feels like your day isn’t running as smoothly as possible. You’re not getting all your work done and you feel like you’ll never catch up. But you don’t need […]

Editor’s Notebook 8

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy! By the way, doors open for Life Editing for Beginners in just 10 days… The suspense is killing me! What I’m Loving This Week Bullet Journal. Maybe I’m late to the […]

An Edited Life: Kendra Kantor, Wellness Mentor and Guide

Kendra Kantor 1

An Edited Life is a series where I interview women Life Editors who are living their authentic stories. Please say hello to Kendra Kantor! Welcome! Please introduce yourself and your business. Hi lovelies! I’m Kendra Kantor. I’m a Wellness Mentor and Guide for creative women looking to embrace their self-discovery and improve their mental health […]

Revamp Your To-Do List in 5 Minutes Flat!

It’s come to my attention that my clients (and you too, dear reader!) are obsessed with air travel. They simply adore flying from here to there. But what mode of transportation do they take off in? Airplanes? Helicopters? Private jets like the rich and famous? Maybe hot air balloons? Nope. Their preferred method is to […]

Elevate Series: The Ups and Downs of Life

Today I’m sharing another entry in my series of guest posts on Stratejoy that I write as a member of Molly Mahar’s 2014 Elevate Mastermind. As we go through life, there will be times when we’re flyin’ high…and times when we’re crashing down. This guest post is all about the ups and downs of life, […]