Elevate Series: Open Your Grip on Expectations

Today I’m sharing another entry in my series of guest posts on Stratejoy that I write as a member of Molly Mahar’s 2014 Elevate Mastermind. I’m a huge Disney fan, and this guest post is about how my business is like the movie Frozen. Well, except for the talking snowman. You’ll learn: The secret I […]

Editor’s Notebook 2

The Editor’s Notebook posts are my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy! What I’m Loving This Week The Habits of Successful People: They Start Small. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. If you’re procrastinating, then your tasks aren’t small enough. Break ‘em […]

Big Girls Don’t Cry…At Work

I’m the type of person who cries during corny TV commercials. And music videos… And at weddings… And watching Disney movies… It’s kind of embarrassing when I collapse into a blubbering mess of emotions, but sometimes it’s hard to stop myself. But no matter how emotional I may feel, there’s one place I will never, […]

Elevate Series: Why Having a Breakdown is a Good Thing

As you probably know, I’ve started working with a new life coach this year, Molly Mahar from Stratejoy. Why does a life coach like me need a life coach? Well, you wouldn’t trust a doctor who doesn’t believe in seeing a doctor, would you? It’s the same for me and my profession. I value coaching, […]

How to Survive When You Hate Your Job

Call me King Midas ‘cause everything I touched was turning into gold! I was having my best week of the month (maybe the whole year) at the small publishing house I used to work at in Chicago. In the span of 5 short days, I received huge praise from our biggest client for the work […]