How to Convince Your Spouse to Let You Quit Your Job

Two years ago, I was running a mildly successful personal development blog. And by mildly, I mean I had 10 readers. But I loved my dorky little space on the internet, and I dreamed about expanding it into a business with flashy digital products and helpful private coaching sessions. I saw other people (younger people, […]

The Real Trick to Achieving Work-Life Balance

Today we’re talking about a topic near and dear to my heart: work-life balance. But first, I need to tell you how much I suck at sports (I promise this will all make sense in a minute). Sports and I just don’t mix. Seriously, I can’t run, jump, or kick worth a damn. You’d think […]

I’m Featured on!

I’m thrilled to be featured in an interview on today! For those of you who don’t know, Laura is a Lifestyle Career Coach who helps courageous women leave their shitty jobs. Yes, really! Watch out for the salty language on her site. Here’s what you’ll learn: The type of music I like to sing […]

7 Secrets to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Do you ever wish your blog were less “meh” and more mesmerizing? Back when I first started blogging (as a fashion blogger—ha!), my blog posts were terrible. They rambled on and on about nothing, and I was still using the stiff technical writing from my days as a textbook editor. And if you go creeping […]