New! Dozens of Freebies in the Editor’s Toolkit

In case you were wondering if I really do read your comments and emails…here’s proof I do. I’ve gotten many requests to compile my various freebies into one place so readers won’t have to hunt around for them on my website. Also, my coaching clients regularly receive check-in messages from me with videos and recommended […]

What to do When No One Likes the New You

A funny thing happens when you start editing your life… At first you’re making very slow progress and seeing if you trust yourself to do the work. I mean, you’ve set goals and not reached them before, right? Once you feel the energy of completion and get that snowball effect rolling, your brain starts screaming, […]

Editor’s Notebook 1

Welcome to the very first Editor’s Notebook! If you’re anything like me (and of course you are—why else would you be reading my blog?), then you probably have dozens of notebooks, scribbled-on bits of paper, and Post-Its all over the place. That’s how editors’ minds work. We have hundreds of creative ideas spinning around our […]

An Insider’s Guide to Life Editing (and Freebies for You!)

Note: There is a first come, first serve freebie at the end of this post, so scroll down for all the info on how to get yours. At long last, my rebranded website is here! If you popped over to my blog this past weekend, you noticed that Sage Grayson Coaching has gotten quite a […]

Elevate Series: Why Having a Breakdown is a Good Thing

As you probably know, I’ve started working with a new life coach this year, Molly Mahar from Stratejoy. Why does a life coach like me need a life coach? Well, you wouldn’t trust a doctor who doesn’t believe in seeing a doctor, would you? It’s the same for me and my profession. I value coaching, […]

My Birthday Gift to You

When I was a little girl, I used to love inviting all my friends over for a huge party to celebrate my birthday. There would be games, movies, pizza, music, and tons of giggling. And there’d always be a stack of brightly colored gifts just for me. Sure, it was fun to unwrap all those […]