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Here’s What You Get at Life Editor Weekend!

Years ago, I attended my first self-development conference, and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. My fingers worked furiously to scribble down all the tips and tactics I was hearing in my notebook. I’d never been surrounded by so many like-minded women who were dedicated to living their best lives. It was truly life-changing,…

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How to Use the Traffic Light Method to Conquer Your To-Do List

Hop in, Life Editor! We’re hittin’ the road! On the highway of life, you’re bound to run into some obstacles. What roadblocks are preventing you from getting to your destination? One way to fuel your motivation is to rewrite your to-do list into a format that makes it easy to instantly see what’s most important…

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New Clubhouse Class: Warm Letter Campaigns

Back in college (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), I remember one of my professors teaching us about cold calls. Randomly calling a stranger to try to get them to buy from you was supposed to be a tried-and-true marketing tactic. It felt icky to me then, and cold calls are still one of the sleaziest…

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Free Training: Design Your Own Self-Care Retreat

I’m not trying to be rude, but you don’t look so good. Your shoulders are slumped, your skin’s breaking out, and you can barely open your bloodshot eyes. You need a break, girlfriend! But not just any break. A weak latte in a paper cup ain’t gonna fix the extensive burnout you’re dealing with. Nope,…

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New Clubhouse Class: List Building 101

Social media is undeniably fun (yay for funny cat videos!), but nothing compares to email marketing when it comes to growing your business. Your witty updates and sales tactics can get lost in the social media stream, especially if your ideal clients aren’t on Facebook or Instagram at the exact moment you post something. And…

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4 Ways to Answer Emails Efficiently

There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of your day and realizing you didn’t get any work done because every minute was consumed by answering emails! UGH! It’s annoying to waste your precious minutes replying to the same questions over and over again. You’ve become an email robot, not the business leader you’re supposed…

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