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The Life Editor Podcast Ep. 3: Take Control of Your Finances With a Money Day

Grab your wallet ‘cuz today we’re talking about money! For some of you, that might sound exciting. “Yay, money! Let’s earn the big bucks!” And for others, you might be dreading this discussion. “Hmm, maybe I’ll just skip this podcast and come back when Sage starts talking about her dog.” Whether you love it or…

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An Edited Life: Kendra Kantor, Wellness Mentor and Guide

An Edited Life is a series where I interview women Life Editors who are living their authentic stories. Please say hello to Kendra Kantor! Welcome! Please introduce yourself and your business. Hi lovelies! I’m Kendra Kantor. I’m a Wellness Mentor and Guide for creative women looking to embrace their self-discovery and improve their mental health…

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Curl Up With These Popular Posts

It’s starting to feel like fall around here in the suburbs of San Francisco, which is saying a lot since the temperature doesn’t fluctuate very much during the year. There’s a slight crispness to the air, and the leaves are dripping with red and gold. It’s times like this when I like to curl up…

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Every Color But Blue

My 4th grade science teacher, Mr. Armstong, was always trying to get us kids to think outside the box and look at the world through creative eyes. A favorite memory of mine is when Mr. Armstrong read Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax aloud on Earth Day. His eyes got a little teary, and I learned that…

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How Trying to Kill Myself Saved My Life

I was 15 years old, and my life was over. It was the middle of the night, and I had swallowed as many pills as I could find in the house. Dozens? Hundreds? I wasn’t counting. I just wanted all the hurting to stop. School was a nightmare for me, and bullies taunted me for…

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