Link Roundup: Closet Cleanup and the Puppy Who Loved Pumpkins

I’ve been in a cleaning mood around here. Not just the usual vacuuming and laundry, but also cleaning out unneeded stuff.

I went through all my clothes and sorted them into categories: (1) too big, (2) too small, (3) just right, and (4) donate.

Normally, I’d just donate all the too big and too small items. Instead, I’m giving myself a deadline of 2 months to do something with them (like a crafty DIY project) or do something with me (like get back into an exercise routine…eek!).

I’d like to fit back into my too-small clothes, but looking at them every time I opened a drawer or walked into the closet wasn’t helping my self-esteem. By moving them out of the way and putting the clothes that currently fit me front and center makes for a much more enjoyable time when choosing an outfit.

How often do you clean out your wardrobe?

This week, I asked Chris to buy me a sugar pumpkin on his last grocery run so I could have it on my desk instead of the usual flowers. He came home with a beautiful one, and Skyla was very, very fixated on it.

We put it on the floor so she could sniff it, and she quickly grabbed the stem with her teeth and half-walked, half-dragged the pumpkin to her bed. She then proceeded to chew off the stem (yes, we let her get away with everything).

That green mark on her head is a grass stain…or a goose poop stain, but I don’t want to think about that.

Do you like pumpkins? Got a favorite pumpkin recipe?

While I enjoy my weekend and newly organized closet, here are some tidbits for you to peruse at your leisure.

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  1. says

    Aww sweet Skyla! What great photos! She’s such a beauty :) That’s so funny because I’ve been trying to tackle cleaning my room and closets whenever I have free time! I definitely need to get rid of some clothes because I have a lot of stuff that I know I’ll never wear.

    I love all things pumpkin! Pumpkin bread/muffins, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin sweets. I’m going to test a new pumpkin recipe this week if I have time, can’t wait!

      • says

        I’m gonna need that pumpkin pancake recipe if you’re willing to part with it. Bonus points if it’s dead easy. Breakfast is the hardest meal of the day for me to get motivated to cook so I’ve been having the DH do breakfast.

  2. says

    Aww cute Skyla! Kitties could care less about pumpkins, but my inlaws dog will take off with fresh green beans or yellow squash when my MIL cans.

    I’ve never cooked my own actual pumpkins, however I baked golden acorn squash earlier this week. I added some to my broccoli and cheese soup, and cut the rest up to put into potato soup in the future.

  3. says

    Cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering is a stress reliever for me. It helps me see the things that I have without all the extra stuff in the way. I love having my closet organized so I can see everything, which makes getting dressed much easier. I clean my closet out about 3 times a year. Skyla is so cute and is getting big! My favorite pumpkin thing is a pumpkin roll. I could eat the whole thing, ha ha! Heather

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