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Step 3: Add Good Habits and Routines

Why Playing Small Hurts Everyone

The toughest challenge I face as a life coach is getting my clients to step out of their safe, little comfort zones. They think playing small in their lives by not working toward their goals isn’t hurting anyone but themselves. So they’ll procrastinate on setting up their websites, refuse to join a nutrition or health…

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The Foolproof Way to Price Your Products and Services

One of my very first coaches gave me some advice that I’ve never forgotten, “Charge as much as you can say without stuttering.” That’s a pretty gutsy move! What would you charge for your products and services? A million dollars? What my coach meant was that you have to be confident when you say your…

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Frequently Asked Questions for Life Editor Weekend

There are only 3 weeks left to get your ticket to my transformative event: Life Editor Weekend! The retreat is 4 days of luxury, lounging, and life editing at the beautiful Lakeside Inn here in sunny Orlando, Florida. But maybe you’re still not sure if Life Editor Weekend is right for you. (Although, I don’t…

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Here’s What You Get at Life Editor Weekend!

Years ago, I attended my first self-development conference, and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. My fingers worked furiously to scribble down all the tips and tactics I was hearing in my notebook. I’d never been surrounded by so many like-minded women who were dedicated to living their best lives. It was truly life-changing,…

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How to Choose Your Word of the Year

Life Editors have a tendency to write massive to-do lists full of impressive goals and resolutions. Of course we do! It’s in our nature to want to edit our lives to become the best versions of ourselves. But sometimes those endless goals can feel overwhelming, especially when we’re stressed or frustrated while dealing with annoying…

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100 Reasons Why You Should Come to Life Editor Weekend

We’re 3 months away from Life Editor Weekend, and the anticipation is killing me! This once-a-year retreat in sunny Orlando, Florida, is by far my favorite thing to do in my business. Yes, it’s even more fun than my Edited Year Planners and Life Editor Clubhouse combined! Life Editor Weekend is where I get to…

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