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FYFW: Live a Life of Freedom By Embracing Your Fears

October 30, 2017

I love talking with my clients about what freedom looks like to them. Some people imagine tropical island vacations, while other want booming bank accounts with money to burn. That sense of freedom can only be accomplished when you stretch yourself to do bigger and bolder things than you do in your current safe life.…

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FYFW: 7 Easy Ways to Defeat Your Procrastination

October 28, 2017

Us Life Editors have to-do lists that are long enough to be books, yet we still find ourselves slowed down by procrastination. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing proof that you’re incredibly busy, that people are depending on you, that you have goals you really want to achieve, and STILL not being able to force…

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FYFW: How to Avoid Falling Down a Worry Spiral

October 27, 2017

My clients are super passionate about what they do, and it’s this determination that often leads them down a worry spiral. That’s when you think about one potential problem, which leads to another problem, which leads to another problem, until you’re so flustered and agitated that you end up doing nothing at all. And the…

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FYFW: How to Create Boundaries With Toxic People

October 26, 2017

We all have toxic people in our lives who do everything they can to corrode our happiness. They say nasty things, double cross us, push our buttons, and lie to our faces. They’re the energy vampires, the Debbie Downers, the back stabbers, and other losers who infect your life with their nastiness. Of course, my go-to…

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FYFW: The Secret to Overcoming Failure

October 25, 2017

On no, not another failure! You put yourself out there and tried your best, but the whole thing just blew up in your face. I feel you. It stinks to fail, especially when it involves something you care about deeply such as your business, or your finances, or your relationships. Intellectually, we get it. Failure…

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