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Why You Need Mandatory White Space (and How to Get It!)

May 16, 2018

If you think you can cruise through life skimping on your sleep, ignoring your energy levels, and putting everyone else’s needs before your own, then you are setting yourself up for major burnout. White space (also known as self-care) isn’t about being lazy, and it’s certainly not just for hippies or beauty queens. I hate…

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Book Review: Listful Thinking

May 10, 2018

A simple list can tell you what you need to do next, the ingredients for a recipe, or your plans for world domination. There are no limits to list making, and the act of putting pen to paper can have a profound impact on your goals. You’re more likely to remember what you write down…

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Life Editor’s Picks: Terrific Timers

May 9, 2018

The best productivity tactic I use is free or inexpensive and keeps me racing through my to-do list: it’s timers! My clients are always surprised when I suggest they get a cute timer for their desks or timer app for their phones because it seems too good to be true. Can something so easy really…

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Ask Me Anything! Your True Passion Versus What You “Should” Be Doing

May 8, 2018

When my clients are feeling directionless, I gently guide them back to the sweet spot between their true passion and what they “should” be doing. It’s the eternal struggle! We have this vague notion that there’s something grander and more meaningful waiting for us…but we get caught up in the expectations from our loved ones,…

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How to Do Less at Work Without Getting Fired

May 7, 2018

Recently, one of my clients was stressing out about the amount of work that was piling up at her day job. She wanted to do less at work but was worried it might look like she was slacking off. “I can’t take it!” she said. “I have to earn my paycheck and listen to my…

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