Black Friday Deal to Help You Bloom in 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of you in the USA, I hope you had a wonderful holiday yesterday celebrating all the blessings in your life…and eating your weight in pumpkin pie too!

No? Maybe that’s just me…

I love Thanksgiving and how it’s all about gratitude, but what I don’t like is the materialism and “gimme gimme gimme” attitude some people adopt the following day during Black Friday, which happens to be today.

And to be perfectly honest with you, I have mixed feelings about having a Black Friday promotion. Shouldn’t we be thankful for what we have?

But after talking with some close friends, I was reminded that gratitude is a practice that must be nurtured every day, not just on special holidays.

That’s why I’m offering you an exclusive Black Friday deal to help you refocus on what’s most important in your life plus help you plan for a joyful and abundant new year!

From now through Sunday, December 1, when you sign up for an Editor Session you’ll receive Blossomize Your Year 2014 absolutely free. This 98-page workbook is a calendar, project planner, journal, and inspiration holder all rolled into one!

Click here for all the details.

My friend Andrea and I created Blossomize Your Year 2014 because we couldn’t find a planner with the right mix of organization and inspiration.

I’m especially proud of the gratitude journal pages and the introspective prompts to help you think about your life’s greater purpose.

And I’m blown away by the sweet comments on Facebook! Here are some of my favorites:

If you’re ready to clean up your life’s messes and then grow your dreams, please send an email to with “Black Friday” in the subject line to reserve your Editor Session and get the Blossomize Your Year 2014 planner.

Happy Thanksgiving, and I’m very grateful for you!

It’s time for your life to bloom!

PS, this Black Friday promotion disappears after Sunday so don’t delay! Click here for all the details.


  1. says

    Hi ya Sage,

    I am in the uk so do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but I am always grateful for what i have in my life. Its true that our gratitude should spam all year round and not just on certain holidays.

    Blessings Janet

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