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Archive for March 2014

Top 5 Websites for Ambient Noise to Increase Your Productivity

One of my favorite things to look for when I’m editing my life are little tweaks and tricks to improve my productivity. Getting more done in less time. That’s what we’re all looking for, right? I’ve noticed something related to my environment that you might have noticed too. I can’t seem to concentrate when it’s…

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How to Let Go of Perfection to Get Ahead in Your Career

The other day I was on a video call with a client, and I asked her why she chose to work with me as oppose to another coach. She thought for a minute and then said, “Well, I think it’s because you don’t seem that polished.” As soon as the words left her mouth, her…

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How to Get Lucky at Work and Home

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! You can bet I’m wearing green today and eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip vegan ice cream. I’m not Irish, but I try to celebrate as many holidays as I can, even ones I make up myself. I believe in having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. But you…

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An Insider’s Guide to Life Editing (and Freebies for You!)

Note: There is a first come, first serve freebie at the end of this post, so scroll down for all the info on how to get yours. At long last, my rebranded website is here! If you popped over to my blog this past weekend, you noticed that Sage Grayson Coaching has gotten quite a…

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Big Girls Don’t Cry…At Work

I’m the type of person who cries during corny TV commercials. And music videos… And at weddings… And watching Disney movies… It’s kind of embarrassing when I collapse into a blubbering mess of emotions, but sometimes it’s hard to stop myself. But no matter how emotional I may feel, there’s one place I will never,…

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