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Archive for February 2014

Book Review: 31 Days of Serving My Husband

My dear friend Ashley Urke from Domestic Fashionista just released her second book based on her popular blog series, and I was one of the lucky few to snag an advance copy. Woo hoo! 31 Days of Serving My Husband: The Devotional is a daily workbook designed to help modern women have the type of…

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Elevate Series: Why Having a Breakdown is a Good Thing

As you probably know, I’ve started working with a new life coach this year, Molly Mahar from Stratejoy. Why does a life coach like me need a life coach? Well, you wouldn’t trust a doctor who doesn’t believe in seeing a doctor, would you? It’s the same for me and my profession. I value coaching,…

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What Your Bitch Face Is Costing You

“Heeeeeyyyy, Smiley!!!” As I passed by the cute guy from the mailroom, he called me by my nickname and gave me a high five. I couldn’t help but smile even wider. He nodded once, winked, and then continued down the hallway. I had been working at my first “real” job out of college for only…

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How to Survive When You Hate Your Job

Call me King Midas ‘cause everything I touched was turning into gold! I was having my best week of the month (maybe the whole year) at the small publishing house I used to work at in Chicago. In the span of 5 short days, I received huge praise from our biggest client for the work…

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Your Real Friends Don’t Live on Facebook

I’m embarking on a personal journey, and I’d love for you to join me. Consider it an inner-self road trip with lots of interesting pit stops along the way. I recently spent 4 days in Ojai, California at the Elevate Mastermind Retreat with my coach, Molly Mahar of Stratejoy, and 12 other women who are…

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