2014 Programs to Cure Your Winter Blues

It’s been winter for only 2 weeks, and I’m already hearing people say this is the worst winter in history.

That’s not surprising coming from my friends in the northern US who are suffering through some of the coldest temperatures on record. Today’s the day most people head back to work after a long holiday break, but many are stuck in their houses, or worse, stranded at airports.

Ugh. Winter sucks, right?

Even if you’re not dealing with blizzards, you’re probably grumpy just thinking about new year’s resolutions. I’ve read more than a dozen articles and blog posts blasting new year’s resolutions and calling them complete crap. I’m one of the few brave souls who actually encourages my readers to embrace resolutions and dream big this year.

And you know what?

I totally get why so many people hate the new year. It’s cold, you’re hungover and/or stuffed with cookies, and now you gotta pull it together and reach some crazy goal or else you’re a loser.

If I weren’t terrified of bears, I’d go find myself a warm cave and hibernate until spring.

But what if…

What if you didn’t have to feel the winter blues?

What if you could actually make the changes you’ve been promising to make year after year?

I’ve worked with dozens of women from all over the world, and time and time again I’ve noticed the same 2 challenges undermining their success.

  1. Lack of clarity.
  2. Lack of accountability.

A lack of clarity leads to vague goals and half-assed effort.

A lack of accountability leads to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and “why bother?”

Really, it’s the same every year. You? Change your life? Ha!

You’d much rather go on being lazy, sink into the couch, and accept the fact that this is all there is for you, right?


If you’re still reading this, then I know there’s a little glimmer of hope inside you that still believes there’s more out there for you. You know you’re meant for something bigger, something amazing.

What if this year could be different?

What if 2014 was all about you?

This year CAN be different! It’s time for YOU to be different!

Introducing my new and improved 2014 Winter Life Coaching Programs!

Click here for all the details and learn how you can make this winter your best yet.

I know I often say how much I love a new program or ebook or worksheet. But to be perfectly honest with you, I’ve never been more proud of one of my offerings as I am about these winter programs.

For me, simple is better, and my goal for 2014 is cut out all the “fluff” and stick to basic, clear coaching that really works. I hope you love the changes!

What’s New for Winter 2014?

  • Simplified choices! I retired my two 3-month programs to focus on my most popular programs: The Editor Session and Motivation Makeover Month.
  • More structure! I ditched the vagueness from my previous offerings and now deliver more structured guidance through my Motivation Makeover Month program. We’ll still work on your personal goals, but now you can choose either the Career track or Life track.
  • Lower prices! After accumulating 100+ coaching hours with my clients last year, I’m feeling more confident about the service I provide than ever before. For most coaches, that would mean a hefty markup on their prices. But my new streamlined and systematized programs make it possible for me to provide the same kick-ass accountability at prices that don’t make me want to puke my guts out. This new direction feels right in my heart, and I’m going to trust it.

Ready to melt away your winter blues?

Click here to learn more about the 2014 winter programs.

2014 is your year! Believe it!

I can’t wait to work with you!

Still not sure if life coaching is right for you? Take the quiz and find out!

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Client Testimonials.


  1. says

    I’m loving your page and will make sure to bookmark this for more tips. I love what you’re doing and it clearly shows with your attitude and the positive vibe I’m getting.

  2. says

    lol! I loved reading this. I think I am the only freak who likes the winter! It is awesome that you offer programs to those that need them :D

  3. says

    Yes, the winter blues. We could really use some rain but the few days the sun seems to shine through from the windows…it gives me a little nod to spring. I am just now getting into January mode…have the house back in order and back to a routine schedule. But I am with you in picking up the momentum of the new year to set goals and aspirations for the year. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder! I have also been meaning to tell you thank you for your card in the mail! I found it under my pile on my desk today of to do list. So thank you and I look forward to checking out your planner. Hope you are having a fabulous start to your new year!

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