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Archive for June 2013

Link Roundup: June 29, 2013

Yesterday it was so hot that I practically melted into a puddle of goo. So today my plan is to chill out in the pool and eat my entire body weight in vegan ice cream. How’s your summer going? Any tips for staying cool? Oh, and this is just a reminder that our dear Google…

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My Best Posts About Meditation

There are hundreds of posts in the Archives at Sage Grayson Coaching. Occasionally, I like to pull them out, dust them off, and do a roundup of my favorite blog posts about a particular topic. Today, I’m sharing my best posts about meditation. Thought you could use a moment of Zen at the end of…

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Question of the Week: Describe Yourself in 1 Word

Ooooh, this is a toughie! What 1 word best describes who you are? Would your friends and family use a different word to describe you? What about your enemies? Maybe your word has to do with your personality. Maybe your job. Maybe your philosophy on life. Not to seem like a cop-out, but the word…

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Link Roundup: June 23, 2013

Yesterday Chris and I went to the movies to see Monsters University. We’re huge fans of anything from Disney and/or Pixar, so this movie was right up our alley. Strangely, it made me miss my bygone college days (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth). Chris and I met in college, and campus life always reminds…

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Link Roundup: June 16, 2013

Chris and I went to the movies yesterday so we could spend some time together before he leaves for Orlando on a business trip. And if you know anything about me, you know I’m pissed that I’m not going to Orlando with him. I guess I’ll just cuddle with Skyla on the couch this week…

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Move-Your-Butt Mantras

Happy Friday! It’s been a great week for me, and I’m having a bit of a mantra moment. I’ve written before about how much I love mantras (a word or phrase that you say to yourself to bring about a change in your mood, viewpoint, or attitude). “Calm” is still my fave mantra, but I…

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