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Link Roundup: March 30, 2013

Happy Easter! Sorry, I don’t have a cute Easter outfit to show you, but I was eying all the pretty pastel dresses at the mall. We don’t celebrate Easter in the traditional sense (unless you count Chris gobbling up peanut butter eggs traditional). But Easter and springtime are about renewal and fresh starts. And since…

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Imperfect and Proud: Embracing Your Flawed Self

Would it be weird if I admitted that I take pleasure in other people’s mistakes? Now, I’m not saying I rejoice over failed marriages or foreclosures. I’m not a complete jerk. I’m talking about little “whoopsies” that remind me that we’re all imperfect humans, even the people who appear superhuman at times. I subscribe to…

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I Want to Hold Your Hand

It was a sink-or-swim moment…and I was sinking—fast. How did this happen? Why was there no one to help me? Let me back up a bit. When I was in my mid 20s, I was hired for a job that focused on wellness and making women’s lives better. And as you can tell from my…

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Do One Thing That Makes You Happy Every Day

We’ve all heard of the power of one. One brilliant idea can revolutionize a company. One decision can alter the course of your life forever. One person can change the world. Today I want to talk about how the power of one can dramatically improve your happiness. It’s easy: do one thing every day that…

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The Sucky Job Survival Guide

One of my clients just scored the job interview of a lifetime. We both went a little crazy with excitement when she got the good news (woo hoo!). My client–let’s call her Anne–is in a terrible job right now; one that stresses her out to the point where she’s been feeling ill for weeks. Not…

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Keep It Simple, Sister!

Here’s a life lesson that took me far too long to learn: things don’t have to be complex to work. Like most people I know, I’m always on the lookout for the next bright, shiny object. What new app, product, gadget, or gizmo will make me more productive? But often times these new fascinations of…

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