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Archive for June 2012

5 Sneaky Ways to Stop Judging Others

Sometimes when I’m running errands or walking around town, I’ll catch myself being really hard on the people around me: She’s too fat. His clothes are ugly. That mom doesn’t know how to raise her kids. Only a jerk would park his car like that. Who does that bitch think she is? Wow, I’m quite the…

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Live Your Life on Autopilot (No, Really!)

Ah, hello there, folks. This is your captain, Sage, speaking. I’d like to thank you for flying Sweetness Airlines. We know you have a choice in self-empowerment blogs, and we appreciate your business. The “fasten expectations sign” has been turned off, so please feel free to move about your own potential. My flight attendant, Skyla,…

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How to Avoid a Vacation From Hell

Have you ever been traveling and discovered somewhere along the way that you were actually on a vacation from hell? Vacations from hell usually involve massive disorganization, complete exhaustion, and someone getting a fruity drink thrown at them (watch out for those tiny umbrellas!). It doesn’t have to be that way! Watch this video for…

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Who Do You Think You Are? Time for an Ego Smackdown

When you decide to make a big change in your life, you’ll face many obstacles. Sometimes it feels like there are a thousand voices telling you that you’re no good and your choices are wrong. And the worst voices are the ones in our own minds. What do those voices say to you? You think…

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Life Lessons From the Pacific Northwest

Do you ever have one of those vacations where you come home and feel like you need a vacation from the vacation? Yeah, I just had one of those. Don’t get me wrong—I love going on vacation. But it’s still great to return home to my family and my nice, comfy bed. Two weeks ago,…

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